Some changes…..New Name…..New Book Blog

I’ve been gone for a minute, now I’m back with the Jump Off…


I changed the name of this blog (used to be charoflondon) for a few reasons: It’s not my main blog anymore, I have a new book blog; So I wanted a name to reflect what this site here  is- somewhere to share notes and reviews on films, books, music, travels, life, arts and pop culture; Also, I’m pretty sure people are pronouncing the ‘char’ as in ‘charcoal’ and not as in ‘Charlene’- my own personal name.

I will keep posting on the above topics here and will link to my new book blog when I have new book reviews/ lists etc. Especially looking forward to reading more books by writers from London this year. Reviews up so far:

Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays by Zadie Smith

The Good Immigrant edited by Nikesh Shukla

Children Of Blood And Bone, Tomi Adeyemi

Throwback: Aya Of Yop City

Stay With Me, Ayobami Adebayo


Upcoming Books: Ponti by Sharlene Teo, In Our Mad And Furious City by Guy Gunaratne, Killing And Dying by Adrian Tomine……

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Thanks for reading and if you have a bookblog, leave a link below so I can follow it! I’m also interested films, music, magazines, art/design and pop culture so drop those in too!


Can I sleep, please?: A documented complaint about staying awake unnecessarily

This isn’t about insomnia, so don’t diagnose me with that please. I’m just up ‪at 4.30am thinking about all the stuff I could or should have done this week. Procrastination guilt?

I’m just up ‪at 4.30am trying to justify purchases, then resorting to ‘Save For Later’ on; Also,  Continue reading “Can I sleep, please?: A documented complaint about staying awake unnecessarily”

Saturday 9th July at my flat, thinking.

They are nothing like us. They can kill innocent black people and then hash tag them; let them trend and retweet. Let them march and protest – a placard or fifty blowing in the wind until the arms of sullen youth are tired. When it all settles, they will play together at Superbowl, singing the Star Spangled Banner with heads held high, cadences shared and tears in their eyes. Until the next shooting, they can be America The Brave.

In the background a TV buzzes, a clip from Fox News delivers HD images Continue reading “Saturday 9th July at my flat, thinking.”

In or Out: A Referendum and a UK Divided

In any major way you can think of, the ‘United’ Kingdom is divided this week. Let’s be clear, a 52:48 vote is not a decision. It’s a question. This is fifty: fifty. This is heads or tails. Based on half baked allusions and incomplete information, the British government has allowed its people to play heads or tails with its own social and economic future

Tails, we lost

Continue reading “In or Out: A Referendum and a UK Divided”

22nd of June 2016: A birthday…

…Like many others, except today is my induction into the Grown Woman society. You see today folks, I’m thirty. A man once passed thirty and he said:

“Thirty was so strange for me. I’ve really had to come to terms with the fact that I am now a walking and talking adult”

I thought to myself something very similar this morning, as I ate leftover mini chocolate doughnuts for breakfast. I probably should have realised that I’m a ‘walking, talking adult‘ many years ago. Maybe when I graduated; maybe when I moved out; maybe when I got Continue reading “22nd of June 2016: A birthday…”

Biros, Intrusion and an ‘Adult’ with Illegible Handwriting

I own about fifty seven or so Biro pens*- a curious number for someone whose handwriting resembles a five year old’s take on hieroglyphics. I’d bet the teachers in my past and the colleagues in my present would agree it would be best if I only ever type and never actually hand write. In fact, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to my former 20-year-old self for writing the most illegible revision notes in history. Apology accepted. Continue reading “Biros, Intrusion and an ‘Adult’ with Illegible Handwriting”

The Best June Of All times


So two days ago, my boss sat me down for a ‘quick chat’ which ended with my contract ending.

Guess who’s jobless.

Yours truly is about to be on the dole for the entirety of June. Not really, I would never sign up to that BS! I suppose regular, rational adults would panic a bit. I remain unflappable *shades emoji here*. I’m a freelancer and completely prepared to beg for jobs on LinkedIn with little to no shame. I’ll probably be haggling with ridiculous agents on Monday morning.

For now, until the fruits of haggling drop- the summer is mine! I will be fully available to do ANYTHING. I’m about to have the best June Of All Times. I could say something about Kanye and interruptions here but that would be far too easy. Continue reading “The Best June Of All times”

Day 1….

I’m thinking of a decent intro to post instead of linking to stuff I wrote a month ago. That’s what I did on

Bear with me, baby.

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