I’ve been gone for a minute, now I’m back with the Jump Off…

Expect notes and reviews bout general life, films, music. Maybe some of my travels, maybe also some social issues and pop culture on occasion. Basically, anything I want. These are my rough edits.  My main site is a book blog PaperbackSocial.com

I love writing and have small obsessions with literature of many kinds- from classic books to modern novels to non fiction, graphic novels and magazines. I’m particularly interested in stuff by African or British writers but read a lot of others too. I have stacks of stuff I’ve read or forgotten to read lying around EVERYWHERE. I will post links to my book blog when I have new book reviews up

Contact me, I will write for the love of it (or monies) – or just drop a line to say hi, would be great to connect.

Charlene xx


Contact: charcharldn@googlemail.com or below:

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