Music Things: Rukhsana Merrise

It’s November and a little late (two years late?) but let’s talk about September Songs….

This EP has probably been played more than anything else on my iPhone in the past year. That’s no small thing when there’s so much stuff on Spotify. There is sooo much stuff on Spotify. I can’t even listen to an artist’s catalogue anymore because I will almost definitely be distracted by another artist or playlist suggestions.

September Songs actually sounds like Autumn to me. Autumn when its sunny and crisp, like today was- not Autumn when it rains. Maybe because I used to listened to it most mornings on the way to work and on my journeys home during the colder months last year.

I love So They Say, the opening track -and my favourite (See You Again is a close second). It sounds like it could be a personal mulling over advice on what’s to come, driven by acoustic guitar and well placed drums. September Songs is unique, Merrise’s voice is backed perfectly by clean sounding instruments for a mellow, folk sounding project. You can hear some R&B and experimental influences in there as well. It’s not really one for dancing, save for the upbeat Soon. It’s chill music, probably sounds amazing live.


For most of September Songs, Merrise sounds contemplative, almost wistful but always completely genuine. Like your friend who talks to you about what’s close to their heart without over dramatizing. In her feelings but not overbearing, most times just vulnerable enough to identify with.

Something about Merrise’s singing style reminds me of Tracey Chapman, although she doesn’t sound like her. Its probably the guitar giving the music a folksy woodland feel while still sounding like you haven’t really left the city. Its very London but Merrise has a very honest quality to her voice that anyone can appreciate. Looking forward to a full length project

5 tracks:

  1. So They Say
  2. See You Again
  3. Home And Away
  4. Talk About It
  5. Money


Listen While: Living, driving home from places

Similar Artists: Maybe Ady Suleiman





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