Film Things: Cla’am

‘The man dem will not be pacified’

Cla’am is a dark comic short about gentrification in South London – Carl from your office’s ‘edgiest’ hipster favourites- Peckham, Brixton and Clapham

Essentially it’s 15 minutes of a Schizophrenic dashing around familiar neighbourhoods and noting a sharp increase in trendy new coffee shops while searching for his missing friend JJ. Nathaniel Martello-White manages to parody London’s obsession with coffee to manic proportions. It’s everywhere, everything and everyone.

Cla’am does cleverly pack a lot into quarter of an hour without being too serious- Pricing locals out of their own homes, cultural modifications and all your best friends moving to Kent.

The short -Nathaniel Martello White’s debut- screened at SXSW and won best UK Short Film at the Raindance Festival this year

Watching it reminded me that I wanted to do a series of pieces on gentrification in Peckham as I’ve seen it over the past few years. Will I ever have time? Will I ever…..

I found this short about Peckham Rye’s changing face interesting as well- Ordinary Streets, LSE Cities

Cla’am on BBC IPlayer:




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