Roams: Malta II, Gozo & Mdina City

Tlett Ijiem

Loved seeing all the beautiful historic limestone homes, Gozo also hosts some of the world’s oldest churches and temples. First stop was Dwejra bay, home to the stunning Azure Window. You may recognise it if you watch Game Of Thrones as some scenes were shot there (I don’t watch it. Yeah, that’s right, that’s what I said. DemThrones). It’s incredible to see on a sunny day. Favourite Guy and I stopped in the capital city of Victoria (Rabat) and had a walk through the streets.  Its very traditional, you get the feeling people still grow their own food here -without instagramming it. Entry to the Citadella was closed the day we went but I heard the views are great from there.

Gozo island and Comino’s Blue Lagoon aren’t far from Malta by boat, A good friend recommended those trips. If you’re in Malta, I suggest you head to these scenic islands. You only need a day at Gozo though, once you’ve seen the sights and eaten their food, that’s pretty much it!

Beautiful View of Valletta water front on the way to Gozo


The Blue Lagoon is under an hour away from Gozo. Lovely to see and even better to be in. Everyone thought so  apparently- there were a million swimmers to compete with. We opted for a  local van service which took us to a private beach five mins away instead for a few euros- a lot quieter.

Made our way back in good time to enjoy the evening. One of the many highlights of the trip was watching the Portugal vs Poland game on a  massive out door screen while sitting on the edge of Spinola Bay, brilliant atmosphere and a warm breeze. I’m not sure if the Polish folk in the crowd will remember it as fondly.


Erbat ijiem

Enjoyed a walk around Mdina Old City, the preserved old capital of Malta, 1000s of years old. Very peaceful with a lot of striking buildings, pathways and old cars. Would be a great setting for a generational story- reminded me of the Godfather for some reason. It’s likely more Tale of Tales though! Probably a photographers dream..amazingly, people still live in the homes.

Made our way to the nearby Wignacourt Museum where we spent way more time than necessary playing around in the maze like underground catacombs and bunkers built to protect families during World War Two. The museum also has an interesting collection of paintings, sculptures and medieval furniture. Great value for an entry fee of five euros.

Later that evening, we walked down to family run Wigi’s Kitchen because of its number 1  tripadvisor rating. Fully booked! Looked worth waiting for so we booked a meal for around 10.15pm and went to do other stuff while we waited…..

Other stuff was mostly the rooftop bar at Hotel Juliani  where a live loungey jazz band were performing. Stunning views of the area and great (also sneakily strong) cocktails. I think this would be a good hotel to stay at too.

Wigi’s Kitchen served by  far the best meal we’d had on the trip- actually one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in a long time. I even remember it – Mushroom Risotto, Calamari Fritti and Irish fillet of beef with potato gratin. It has a contemporary bistro feel and only seats 50 so make sure you book! It was one of those meals that gets into your emotions- that’s dangerous…and impressive.


Azure Window, Gozo
Mdina Old Town, Malta


Gozo Old City
Rabat in Gozo, Wignacourt Museum Gallery, etchings in the bunkers, church


Spinola Bay from Hotel Juliani rooftop



Malta I- Spinola Bay, Balluta Bay & Portamaso Marina



All photos my own

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