Roams: Malta

Been back from Malta for over a month but it’s been a month of distractions so this is a little late! Had a beautiful, chilled trip, a birthday gift from my Other Half (Thank you! xx). We ate a lot and swam a lot. Wait an hour after eating before swimming they say. PFFFT. If you’ve been following, this was the last trip of the my free June ….which I should really be rounding up soon. It’s now August.

Go If you like: Morocco, Spain, Mediterranean coastal areas

Weather? I’m inclined to say it’s always hot because it couldn’t imagine it otherwise. Apparently there are some cold days between December and February but I’ll believe it when I feel it.

Friends, Family or Romancing? Beautiful Island, great for couples or friends if you want to chill and enjoy the weather which is what this trip was about. So good for romancing and friends…FWB?

Food: Delicious fresh seafood. I don’t think Malta is known for the food but there were a lot of good picks to choose from. A lot of Italian food- the island is between Italy and North Africa. One of the national Maltese dishes is Fenkata (Rabbit stew) which I tried one night. Also a lot of ice cream everywhere.

Transport: Malta is small and well connected by the bus system, cheap fares. Walked around a lot there too.

Favourite things: Swimming almost anywhere on the coast. No one waits for a beach area, there are ladders leading into the surrounding water all over the place! Spinola Bay. Friendly people. Developed a small addiction to their lemon sorbet. Walking around Gozo was beautiful, had a real old town feeling.


Jum Wieħed

Quick flight, slept through a lot of that. Stayed at The George Urban Boutique Hotel in the St Julian’s area. It has a contemporary style, with a modern rooftop pool and bar. The rooms are spacious, we had a pretty terrace as well. I’d definitely recommend it, lovely stay and an easy walk to the beautiful Spinola Bay. It’s also close to the main Paceville area but we weren’t really interested in that- although if you’re looking for a club, it’s probably a good place to go.



Spent most of the first day walking around and eating ice cream. Ended up at Portamaso Marina in the evening, it’s less than a five min walk from the hotel and has lots of restaurants. Also lots of Yachts if you like that but we were there for the food!   Being seafood fans, we walked into Zeri’s, it seemed quite popular- fully booked! We had to reserve a table for the next night instead.

We found another restaurant a few minutes away – Ghonella – where the hostess easily convinced me to try the rabbit stew. Tasted good but I think it’s one of those things you only need to eat once. So I’ve only eaten it once. Nice outdoor restaurant, looked like part of an old castle.



More walks around Spinola Bay which is just as beautiful in the daytime. Lunch at Cafe Cuban overlooking the water, delicious Fritto Misto (fried prawns, whitebait & calamari), Arayess (pitta, lamb mince,yoghurt) and something else- I can’t remember because it was month ago. I remember thinking we had to go again though.

After lunch, walked down Spinola, to Balluta Bay (beautiful water and stone stairs leading down) and Main street. Nice view of Our Lady of Mount Carmel church and lots more bars and restaurants. Bought some towels and had a swim on the coast. The Beaches of Malta are picturesque but tend not to be sandy- the water is great to be in all the same.

Spinola Bay


Portamaso Marina, Bullata Bay and Ghonella Restaurant


Malta 2
Stairs to the sea….


Second half of the trip was mostly excursions and more swims (and eating obvs): Malta II, Goza & Mdina City 

I’m splitting this  post in two here because attention spans aren’t real.


All Photos my own


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