Music Things: Ghostpoet


Accidentally saw UK artist Ghostpoet at Bestival,Goldsmith’s yesterday, glad I did! He’s a brilliant live performer with fresh sounding tracks. It’s quite dark; he has a melancholy tone so it’s not picnic music!

ghostpoet2 copy

It’s good for driving or chilling and somehow also good to dance to at a concert. Ghostpoet says/raps his material in cool baritone mostly over bare beats or indie music. His lyrics are thoughtful and casually reflective but not pretentious. Reminds me of Luther (TV Show) for some reason. I’ll definitely be listening, although I’m probably late because he’s three albums in. you can hear the progression from the earlier Peanut Butter Blues to 2015’s Shedding Skin

5 tracks:

  1. Shedding Skin
  2. Yes, I helped you pack
  3. Dial Tones
  4. Dorsal Morsel
  5. Survive


Sounds like/Similar artists: Tricky, Faithless, Goldie, Oasis , Kele Okereke



Photos my own; Cover pic from artist’s website

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