The Best June Of All times


So two days ago, my boss sat me down for a ‘quick chat’ which ended with my contract ending.

Guess who’s jobless.

Yours truly is about to be on the dole for the entirety of June. Not really, I would never sign up to that BS! I suppose regular, rational adults would panic a bit. I remain unflappable *shades emoji here*. I’m a freelancer and completely prepared to beg for jobs on LinkedIn with little to no shame. I’ll probably be haggling with ridiculous agents on Monday morning.

For now, until the fruits of haggling drop- the summer is mine! I will be fully available to do ANYTHING. I’m about to have the best June Of All Times. I could say something about Kanye and interruptions here but that would be far too easy.

All this is pretty serendipitous because now I actually have something to write about. I’d been staring at my wordpress dashboard and wondering if I would never be able to write again. As punishment for procrastination, my writing abilities would be banished. Please God, No.

My expectations of June at the very least are: a street- disturbing birthday party (my own), two Europe trips (one is a gift from my Love) and consumption of various alcohols and foods with friends. My expectations of June do not include some form of small existential crisis when I realise that I don’t really know what I’m doing.





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  1. It’s great that you’re taking advantage of the situation! I hope your summer is fantastic and everything works out well~!

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      1. Do you have any personal recommendations for places to visit in London? I think we’ll try to hit the famous spots, but it would be fun to find cool shops and good food!

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      2. What a question! Endless Answers If you want to have a good time but feel like you live here too- Brixton Village for food, bars and market Vibe. Old street/ curtain rd area has some good bars. Try The Book Club. Soho for more food and bars, you’ll be spoilt for choice on discoveries if you go there – shops and food

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    1. Your questions have given me an idea, I’m going to try and remember all the places I’ve been to that I’ve liked and do a paragraph and pics if I have them. That’s going to take a while!

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